Pressing the stop button for NOx in Copenhagen

Amminex has retrofitted 300 city buses with the ASDS™ technology and new SCRT® catalytic systems from our partner Eminox. The upgraded fleet is a mix of older and newer vehicles and has been converted to target Euro VI emissions levels.

According to official reports, buses have previously contributed with as much as 10 % of NOx pollution in Copenhagen and consequently the retrofit is making a big difference in cleaning the air in Copenhagen. Data from the daily operation of vehicles shows that NOx emissions are nearly eliminated with a NOx removal in the range of 90-99%. Data from the LIVE NOx Tracker App also shows that the retrofitted buses collectively in just over a year have removed more than 300 metric tonnes of NOx from the Copenhagen air environment without compromises in terms on extra fuel consumption and CO2 footprint.

Compared to buying new Euro VI buses, upgrading with ASDS™ is also providing bus operators with other advantages. By curing older buses, they are kept operational in cities instead of being moved to the countryside, where they would keep polluting - a twofold positive environmental impact.

This is creating solid evidence that ASDS™ is a simple, fast and cost-effective way for traffic authorities and operators to nearly eliminate NOx. Moreover, the new Copenhagen buses have so far collectively travelled more than 28million km proving the reliability and operational viability of the technology platform.

Copenhagen is taking the lead in installing the newest and most effective emissions technology on its city busses nearly eliminating the issue of NOx emissions from vehicles. 299 buses have been upgraded making a significant impact on improving urban air quality.


The effectiveness of prevailing emissions technology is hampered by low speeds and low temperatures – conditions that do not affect the ASDS™ technology. Moreover, ASDS™ is effectively fixing common maintenance issues for bus operators, such as the formation of solid deposits in the exhaust system. 


For traffic authorities and fleet operators, ASDS™ enables:

  • Emissions upgrade to Euro VI level; ASDS™ replacing AdBlue®
  • System reliability - problems with AdBlue® eliminated; no deposits or crystallization issues
  • Reduced CapEx – run your existing fleet longer after ASDS™ upgrade
  • Reduced operating cost, down-time & maintenance