300 buses in Copenhagen upgraded to Euro VI emission levels

Amminex has retrofitted 300 city buses in Copenhagen with the ASDS™ technology and new Exhaust systems from our partner Eminox. The upgraded fleet is a mix of Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V and Euro EEV buses – all converted to reach Euro VI emissions levels.

The retrofit project was initiated by the Danish Ministry of Environment as part of the ‘Clean Air for the Danes’ package, because the ambient NOx levels in Copenhagen regularly were exceeding the official EU health limit, and official reports pointed to buses contributing with as much as 10 percent of the total NOx pollution in Copenhagen.

The first buses were retrofitted in August 2015, and data from the online emissions monitoring system NOxTracker™ show that the ASDS technology consistently removes 90-99 % of all NOx emissions from the buses.

“The retrofit of 300 Euro III/IV/V/EEV buses to achieve Euro VI emissions level and to live up to the goals for Clean Air in Copenhagen has been a very positive experience for Movia. The tender process led to award of business to Amminex Emissions Technology and the subsequent supply and execution of the project has been on time with minimal disturbance of the bus fleet operators and no impact on the many users of public transportation in Copenhagen.

Via the advanced online monitoring system and the live NOxTracker app provided by Amminex, Movia can see performance in real time and see the accumulated environmental impact in terms of tons of removed NOx. To verify the results, an independent in-use PEMS test was carried out in April 2016 confirming emissions performance in inner city traffic well surpassing Euro VI level.

Our goals for the project were ambitious and the outcome has fully lived up to our expectations.”

Joachim Reinhard Danchell, Project manager - Movia - Copenhagen

After the installations were completed in 2016, the number of instances with excessive NOx pollution in Copenhagen have nearly been cut in half, and when the project reached 500 tons of NOx removed in April 2018, the director of planning from the Copenhagen transport company Movia Per Gellert commented:

"Movia's goal is to reduce NOx emissions from buses by 97 per cent by 2030. It is an ambitious goal. We are therefore very pleased to see that the air package project has already reached an important milestone.

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The three bus operators Arriva, Nobina and Anchersen have experienced first-hand how installing the ASDS has eliminated issues with clogged exhaust systems and failing AdBlue pumps.

"After upgrading the Euro V bus with Amminex City-SCR solution, the reoccurring maintenance issues with the AdBlue system are gone. Months of stable operation and the NOx reduction proven in real city traffic is impressive. Instead of refilling with AdBlue liquid, there is now a weekly exchange of an Amminex cartridge. Simple operation – takes only a minute.”

Poul Anchersen, CEO, Anchersen Bus - Copenhagen


Fact sheet: Copenhagen retrofit project
Retrofit year 2015-2016
Number of buses 300
Project initiators Danish Ministry of Environment
Operators Arriva, Nobina & Anchersen
Original emissions standard Euro III, IV, V, EEV
New emissions standard equivalent Eurov VI
Average NOx removal 2015-2018 > 91 %
ASDS mileage January 2019 55 million kilometers
Annual NOx removal (300 buses) 216 tonnes
Total NOx removed January 2019 > 600 tonnes