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World’s most difficult retrofit? 92 RCVs in Westminster to become Euro VI & ULEZ ready


The City of Westminster and operator Veolia have ordered a retrofit of 92 Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) for the upcoming Ultra-low Emission Zone in London. As the first ever Euro VI RCV fleet retrofit, the combination of Amminex, a Faurecia company, and Eminox technology has removed the blocking point for upgrading this vehicle type.

Change in Amminex top management


Fabien Milanesi has been appointed the new general manager of Amminex Emissions Technology

Amminex receives European Commission Horizon Prize for DeNOx retrofit solution


The Horizon 2020 prize of €1.5 million is given for the outstanding NOx emissions reduction by retrofitting of Euro 5 diesel cars.

Copenhagen buses have removed 500 tonnes of NOx pollution


Movia's buses from the air package project have removed 500 tonnes of NOx pollution from Copenhagen air. Movia, and the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have thus reached an important milestone in reducing pollution from buses and helping to make the air in the capital cleaner.

The story behind Amminex

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See live NOx emissions and system performance on the road

All ASDS equipped vehicles are logging their NOx reduction performance in real-time to an online database, giving fleet operators, authorities and Amminex access to valuable data. You can see how the ASDS fleet in your city is performing by downloading the NOxTracker LIVE app from AppStore or Google Play. Live Data from Copenhagen is shown on the right.


The environmental challenge

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