Ultra-low NOx and NO2 emissions in real world driving

Better fuel economy – reduced CO2 footprint

ASDS™ - Closing the gap

Clean diesel in real urban driving conditions - powered by AdAmmine™

Easy to make a change – it only takes a minute

Sustainable AdAmmine™: 10 kg NOx removed with each cartridge

Live data since ASDS™ market launch: 


Amminex wins Air Quality Award


A panel of UK air quality experts have awarded Amminex for its innovative ASDS solution removing NOx from the streets of London.

Eminox and Amminex announce new UK partnership to cut NOx emissions


Amminex and exhaust aftertreatment specialist Eminox are proud to announce a new cooperation, offering a superior NOx-reducing package in the UK market.

20 nationalities cooperating for cleaner air across the globe


Amminex is recruiting up to ten new employees. And diversity is the key to success, the Swedish CEO points out.

Amminex-Eminox cooperation to provide superior NOx retrofit solution for cooler climates


From August 25, Amminex will take over handling of Scandinavian Eminox customers, simplifying the setup by establishing a single point of contact. The cooperation will offer a superior NOx-reducing package especially suited for the cool, Scandinavian climate.

The story behind Amminex

NOxTracker™ LIVE


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See live NOx emissions and system performance on the road

All ASDS equipped vehicles are logging their NOx reduction performance in real-time to an online database, giving fleet operators, authorities and Amminex access to valuable data. You can see how the ASDS fleet in your city is performing by downloading the NOxTracker LIVE app from AppStore or Google Play. Live Data from Copenhagen is shown on the right.


The environmental challenge

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