Retrofit references

Amminex has retrofitted hundreds of vehicles of 12 different brands across Europe and Asia from emissions status of EuroIII, EuroIV, EuroV and EEV to become EuroV and EuroVI. The largest retrofit projects involve 900 city buses in London and 300 city buses in Copenhagen, but we have also carried out retrofit and demonstration projects in numerous other cities around the world including London, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and Sundsvall in Sweden.

Bus operators that have city buses in their fleet that are non-conforming with today’s emissions requirements can upgrade buses to meet EuroV using an efficient, low cost technology. Another option is to do a more elaborate retrofit that includes upgrading the SCR catalyst. This involves more cost, but enables buses to virtually eliminate NOx and NO2 and meet current Euro VI/RDE legislation. Fleet operators from all over the world are providing us with positive feedback on completed retrofit projects. Here's a selection of what they are saying:


Movia references - retrofit project copenhagen

“The retrofitting of approximately 300 of Movia’s Euro III/IV/V/EEV buses to achieve Euro VI emissions level and help live up to the goals for Clean Air in Copenhagen has been a very positive experience for Movia.

The tender process led to award of business to Amminex Emissions Technology and the subsequent supply and execution of the project has been on time with minimal disturbance of the bus fleet operators and no impact on the many users of public transportation in Copenhagen.

Via the advanced online system and the live NOxTracker app provided by Amminex, Movia is able to see performance in real time and see the accumulated environmental impact in terms of tons of removed NOx. To verify the results, an independent in-use PEMS test was carried out in April 2016 confirming emissions performance in inner city traffic well below Euro VI level.

Our goals for the project were ambitious and the outcome has fully lived up to our expectations.”

Joachim Reinhard Danchell, Project manager - Movia - Copenhagen


“Using ASDS™, we more than doubled the NOx reduction on a relatively old Euro IV bus, bringing it below Euro V level without making any changes to the catalytic system. The technology has proven extremely stable in terms of daily operation over the course of 18 months regardless of outside temperature and driving conditions. Furthermore the use of ASDS™ has eliminated common reoccurring issues, such as the formation of solid deposits in the exhaust system.”

Tony Wright, Technical Manager, Metroline - London


“The trial was to establish what advantages the Amminex City-SCR solution has over the more traditional liquid AdBlue configuration. The trial has gone seamless from both an operational and engineering side with very little impact on down time due to minimal servicing. Practically, the removal of the AdBlue liquid will eliminate the possibility of the product freezing or making deposits. Storage and spillages issues have been eradicated with the weekly cartridge change”

Tony Wright, Tech. Manager, Metroline - London


“After upgrading the Euro V bus with Amminex City-SCR solution, the reoccurring maintenance issues with the AdBlue system are gone. Months of stable operation and the NOx reduction proven in real city traffic is impressive. Instead of refilling with AdBlue liquid, there is now a weekly exchange of an Amminex cartridge. Simple operation – takes only a minute.”

Poul Anchersen, CEO, Anchersen Bus - Copenhagen