Refilling of AdAmmine™ cartridges

In addition to the ASDS™ technology platform, a key part of Amminex’ value proposition is to provide fleet customers and OEMs access to a well-functioning refill infrastructure and integrated logistical services.

Amminex has a production process in place capable of refilling depleted AdAmmine™ cartridges with ammonia in a safe way while ensuring consistent high product quality.

Upon receipt of the depleted cartridges, they initially undergo a quality control to ensure safe and efficient operation of the refill process. In the refill process cartridges are loaded into racks that are inserted into individually controlled refill modules. Both temperature and pressure is carefully controlled allowing the AdAmmine™ cartridges to re-absorb ammonia. The refill process is highly automated which facilitates efficient and quality consistent production.

After refilling, the AdAmmine™ cartridges undergo a thorough quality control to ensure consistent and high quality products. All cartridges are tracked by our traceability system, which allows us to identify the state and location of every single cartridge.

Amminex is working closely with a network of partners to ensure a stable supply of AdAmmine™ cartridges and local refill capability to the Asian, the European and the North American markets.

Amminex is currently also working on developing a transportable Refill Container production unit designed for supporting refill demand from ASDS™ systems in operation outside existing distribution networks and reduce logistic cost for consumers.