Overview of ASDS™ system components

Amminex has designed a number of standard ASDS™ solutions including a vertical and horizontal system aimed at commercial vehicles. These systems cover a wide range of applications and can be used either as first-fit by OEM’s or in retrofit projects for existing fleets of commercial vehicles such as buses in urban zones. Amminex, however, can also tailor a configuration in cooperation with you to meet very specific needs. This can be modifications to the core components supplied by Amminex.

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AdAmmine™ cartridges

AdAmmine™ cartridges are used on commercial vehicles and passenger cars as the main ammonia storage cartridge. Depending on the application, the AdAmmine™ cartridges can be installed in different sizes and numbers to perfectly accommodate the requirement of the specific vehicle. Cartridges are produced as a first fit product at our production plant. After first use, they can be refilled hundreds of times, either at our refill facility or at local or central recharging stations by industrial partners. AdAmmine™ cartridges contains up to 4 kg of ammonia and the number of units can be suited to meet the required service interval.

Start-up Unit (STU)

The Start-up Unit is suitable for commercial vehicles and passenger cars and makes it possible to provide ammonia shortly after engine start because of its smaller size. It only operates during the beginning of operation. When the larger AdAmmine™ cartridge is at operating pressure, the Start-up Unit is shut off and ammonia is instead delivered from the main unit. The Start-up Unit is then automatically refilled from the larger unit making it ready for the next cold start. Start-up Units are produced as a first fit product at our production facility.

Dosing Unit (DU)

The Dosing Unit provides dynamic dosing of ammonia gas with a high degree of accuracy, simplicity and robustness. It replaces the pump and injector in a liquid based system and the same hardware applies for both LD and CV/retrofit. The DU utilizes a simple and yet very effective dosing principle, using a minimum of moving parts and taking up very little physical space. The patented dosing principle enables a high degree of reliability and robustness.

Controller with ASDS™
system software (ECU)

The controller with ASDS™ system software provides monitoring of system operation and on-board diagnostics (OBD) alerting the driver of service needs. It also makes it easy to calibrate the system including the dosing strategy.