The ASDS™ technology platform

The ASDS™ technology can virtually eliminate toxic NOx from the exhaust of diesel vehicles. Not facing the limitations of conventional technology, ASDS™ works fully in the real-world driving and climate conditions of cities and does not increase fuel consumption or CO2 footprint.

ASDS™ is a system for ammonia storage and delivery that is used to activate the SCR catalysts used on diesel vehicles to remove NOx from the engine exhaust. The system can be used on commercial vehicles such as buses, medium duty/heavy duty trucks and light duty trucks including pick-up trucks as well as passenger diesel vehicles (cars and SUV) and non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). Amminex designs and manufactures the system and supplies it either as original equipment to meet the latest emission standards or as retrofit to meet the demands of local air quality programmes.

ASDS™ was created on the basis of two key scientific achievements that are currently changing the way ammonia is used in the automotive industry:

  • The invention of AdAmmine™; a chemical way to store large quantities of ammonia in a compact solid-form salt material. This material can absorb large amounts of ammonia just like a sponge and carry it safely onboard vehicles in cartridges. In fact, a 100-gram cube of the material can fit into the palm of a hand yet contain up to 50 grams of solid ammonia - the equivalent of 60 litres of ammonia gas.
  • The development of the complete ASDS™system consisting of standard components and an intelligent software package that can be tailored and configured to meet specific customer needs and allows you to release the stored ammonia on-demand and optimally feed it to the SCR-catalyst.

Together they form a second-to-none solid system for fuel-efficient reduction of NOx. The ASDS™ system doses ammonia gas directly to the SCR catalyst unlocking its full capability to reduce NOx. This translates into an outstanding level of NOx reduction of up to 99% in all real-life driving conditions and climates with no compromises in fuel efficiency or CO2 emissions.

Distinct ASDS™ advantages

  • Highly effective NOx conversion even at the low exhaust temperatures experienced during urban driving and during cold climate operation
  • Simple and robust solution specifically engineered to automotive requirements.
  • No risk of deposits or corrosion in the exhaust line
  • Direct and accurate dosing of pure ammonia gas directly to the SCR-catalyst
  • Very simple exhaust interface: perforated steel tube and no need for an expensive injector
  • Short mixing length and low pressure drop in the exhaust line
  • Tamper proof by design
  • Ease of AdAmmine™ cartridge storage: virtually unlimited shelf life and no need for strict environmental control
  • Replacement AdAmmine™ cartridges can be sold through OEM spare parts network

New industry benchmark in NOx reduction

Compared with conventional emissions technology, ASDS™ represents a new industry benchmark in NOx reduction. Conventional technology is based on spraying a liquid solution containing ammonia into the exhaust stream. This works well on motorways, but has limitations in city driving. At low exhaust temperatures – e.g. when vehicles move slowly due to congestion, inner city speed limits or the weather is cold – the injection of liquid is not active unless extra fuel is consumed to heat up the exhaust line.  This adds cost and increases CO2 emissions.

Not facing these limitations, ASDS™ is an always-on technology that allows diesel vehicles to meet future regulatory requirements today. In addition, ASDS™ also has other key benefits. For instance, the density of ammonia in the solid material is twice as high as in the liquid based ammonia solution extending the driving range between refills and since ammonia is released as a gas, no deposits occur in the exhaust system. This represent a major advantage because it translates into less maintenance and vehicle down-time.