About Us

Advanced diesel engines will continue to play an important role in the transport of people and goods in the future, while helping meet greenhouse gas and clean air objectives in the EU and around the world.

Clean diesel is achievable through a combination of highly efficient diesel engines, clean ultra-low sulphur diesel and advanced emissions control technology. In Amminex our core focus is on the third part of this equation: The delivery of state-of-the-art emissions technology capable of nearly eliminating toxic NOx emissions with a sustainable product.

Our technology is named ASDS™ and represents a new industry benchmark in NOx reduction that allows diesel vehicles to meet future regulatory requirements already today. In combination with an SCR catalyst, ASDS™ works by dosing gaseous ammonia into the exhaust stream, which reduces NOx to harmless water and nitrogen.

The ammonia is carried safely onboard vehicles in cartridges containing a solid material named AdAmmine™. This enables outstanding NOx removal in the range of 95-99%, not only in test environments but also in the most challenging real-world driving conditions and climates, without compromising the fuel efficiency or CO2 footprint of the vehicle.

Amminex has implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure that the output delivered to clients is of the highest standard and is in line with expectations. This process is designed to ensure consistency and stability in our processes and relies heavily on continuous improvement.

The head office is located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with a state-of-the-art volume production facility located in Nyborg, Denmark. The shareholders of Amminex Emissions Technology are Faurecia (91.5 %) and Nordea-fonden (8.5 %) . The company currently has around 55 employees.