NOxTracker™ - real-time monitoring of all relevant systems

NOxTracker™ is part of the ASDS™ technology platform and provides real-time logging and monitoring of all relevant system parameters on a single vehicle or an entire fleet and transmits these data to a secure server and database. From here web based access is provided to traffic providers and fleet operators. This allows them to receive detailed reporting on the total amount of NOx emitted, operational De-NOx performance, number of carried out cartridge exchanges.

Amminex’ NOxTracker™ solution provides an overview of how much NOx is emitted from an entire fleet or a single vehicle. Location tracking with GPS combined with wireless technology provides data 24/7 on NOx emissions and NOx reduction performance. Fleet managers or public traffic authorities can access this data at any time using a web-based tool.



With NOxTracker™, bus operators and traffic authorities have access to a ’live’ overview of how all operational vehicles are performing in terms of reducing NOx from the exhaust


NOxTracker™ LIVE

Amminex has also developed a smartphone app named NOxTracker™ LIVE, that makes it possible for customers to share NOxTracker information to the wider public within a particular city or project. 

Currently, information from a large-scale implementation of ASDS™ on 300 city busses in Copenhagen is available via NOxTracker™ LIVE, and we invite you to download the app which is available on AppStore and Google Play.

NOxTracker™ LIVE app: Public transparency around NOx

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew precisely how much NOx was leaving the tailpipes of vehicles operating in our cities and this info was instantly available for operators, traffic authorities and the entire public to see?

With NOxTracker™ LIVE, Amminex has turned this vision into reality. As part of retrofit projects, Amminex can make real-time NOx removal data available via a smartphone app which is available for anyone to download from mobile platforms such as AppStore and Google Play.

Currently, the app includes data from a major retrofit project of city busses in Copenhagen and we invite you to download it and have a look for yourself.