Metroline to upgrade 900 London buses with ASDS

Metroline has tested the ASDS technology on double-deckers since 2016. The results have turned out so great that the London-based bus operator has decided to upgrade a total of 900 buses with the NOx-reducing technology. The programme is ongoing and more than 170 busses have been installed by June 2018.

The 900 buses are part of the NOx abatement program announced in 2017 by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

“We know that pollution from our roads is a major contributor to London’s toxic air. That’s why we are working so hard to introduce new clean buses on our streets and why we are continually looking for innovative ways to clean up the most polluting buses. There’s no doubt that by cutting the emissions of more than half of the fleet by up to 95 per cent, this innovative retrofit programme is going to make a huge difference to Londoners,” the mayor said.

From the operator’s point of view, Metroline Engineering Director Ian Foster underlines two distinct advantages of the ASDS solution. Firstly, ASDS is able to remove toxic NOx from the diesel exhaust in typical city driving conditions. And secondly vehicle uptime has improved, avoiding expensive repairs on AdBlue-based solutions


“As a large fleet operator, we see this system as the next step forward in exhaust emission reduction, and a considerable improvement of current urea based injection systems. When we upgraded from AdBlue® to ASDS™ we got a major decrease in NOx emissions and the system is proving extremely stable in terms of daily operation. Commonly recurring issues with AdBlue®, such as the formation of solid deposits in the exhaust system, have been completely eliminated.”