ASDS™ retrofit: The fast and cost effective way to eliminate NOx in cities

ASDS™ Retrofit is the ultimate emissions technology solution for traffic authorities, bus operators and other fleet owners of large diesel vehicles seeking to eliminate toxic NOx in cities and extend the life of their existing vehicle fleets. The solution is easy to install and cost effective. Both in terms of initial installation and operating cost due to reduced maintenance.

In Europe and around the world traffic authorities, bus operators and fleet owners of diesel vehicles, are under pressure to reduce NOx. The reason is simple. Many cities exceed legal, healthy limits for NOx and large diesel vehicles such as buses contribute with as much as 15% of all NOx pollution. Therefore, pressure from municipal traffic authorities, regulators, and the public is growing to fix the issue. Bus operators are also keen to contribute to a cleaner air, and need solutions that both protect the capital investments already made in their vehicle fleets and keep their ongoing operational cost at a minimum.

Amminex’ ASDS™ technology is capable of removing up to 99% NOx from the exhaust of diesel vehicles in all climates and real driving conditions including slow city traffic. The technology is particularly efficient in removing NO2, the most hazardous NOx gas and represents a new industry benchmark in NOx reduction allowing operators to bring their vehicles up to the latest emission standards in real world driving regardless of whether they are old or new.

Proven, robust technology

Amminex has retrofitted hundreds of vehicles of 12 different brands in Europe and Asia changing the emission status of these vehicles from Euro III, IV and EEV to become Euro V and Euro VI. This has proven the solid daily operational reliability of the technology and created evidence that ASDS™ is a simple, fast and cost-effective way for traffic authorities and operators to solve the issue of NOx in cities.

Conventional emissions technology works by injecting a liquid containing ammonia into the exhaust system. While this technology works well on motorways, it increases CO2 and fuel consumption and has many known limitations in city driving, when driving at low exhaust temperatures.

Amminex’ technology is different offering a range of advantages capable of improving air quality in cities.

It takes almost no effort, no special skills and less than a minute to change cartridges containing AdAmmine™.

Two options for ASDS™ retrofit installation

ASDS™ can be installed on both new and older vehicles with a simple technology swap. A NOx reduction of 85% can be achieved without optimization of the catalyst or engine (type I retrofit). In combination with the latest catalysts, a removal of up to 99% can be achieved (type II retrofit). In fact, pairing the latest generation of SCR catalysts with ASDS™ is ideal because the catalyst benefits from increased activity in the low temperature range.

Regardless of installation type, it normally takes less than a day to mount ASDS™ on a vehicle. Amminex uses a standard ASDS™ product that is adapted for installation on each vehicle and we always install the system with driver inducement on the dashboard that indicates when cartridges need exchange or service is needed.

As part of the ASDS™ technology platform, Amminex also offer customers access to NOxTracker™, a tool that provides real-time logging and data on everyday NOx emissions.

Regardless of the chosen ASDS™ installation type, key problems associated with liquid systems can be eliminated. This includes deposits, pump failures and injector issues

For traffic authorities and fleet operators ASDS™ enables a number of distinct advantages:

  • Superior NOx performance and ultra-low NO2 emissions with no compromises in fuel consumption or CO2 footprint in all real-driving conditions.
  • Fast and easy emissions upgrade to the latest standards replacing liquid based systems – either with original SCR or new exhaust system.
  • Improved system reliability due to the elimination of the deposit problems experienced with liquid systems.
  • Reduced CapEx because you can run your existing fleet longer and less operating cost due to less maintenance.

NOx reduction of up to 99%

Diesel vehicles need SCR catalysts to reduce NOx and SCR catalysts need ammonia to work. ASDS™ unlocks the full potential of the SCR by dosing gaseous as opposed to liquid containing ammonia into the exhaust stream. This allows for a NOx reduction of up to 99% in all climates and real driving conditions including slow city traffic.

ASDS™ achieves 3-5 times better NOx reduction in city driving with no CO2 increase (cold engines) and 20% better NOx reduction on motorways (hot engines)

ASDS™ works in real world city driving conditions

NOxTracker™ data from a bus equipped with Amminex’ ASDS™ technology in Copenhagen passing the Danish parliament with 72% DeNox at 170°C SCR. During the winter of 2015/16 more than 80% of the bus fleet operation in Copenhagen occurred with SCR temperatures below 220°C. While liquid based systems are hampered by low exhaust temperatures (below 200°C), ASDS™ works in the low temperature range removing NOx from the air environment.

Ultra-low NO2 emissions

ASDS™ is particularly efficient in removing NO2, the most hazardous NOx gas. PEMS testing carried out by Emissions Analytics shows that vehicles equipped with ASDS™ and SCRT are fully compliant with Euro VI NOx emissions standards in urban driving, both with cold and warm start. The test results also show that NO2 emissions are ultra low.