State-of-the-art refilling facility

Amminex has an efficient refill production process in place at its 6.500 m2 production plant in Nyborg, a seaport located one and a half hour drive away from Copenhagen. This site was opened in 2011 and major investments have been made in establishing a state-of-the-art, highly automated volume facility that is capable of refilling depleted AdAmmine™ cartridges with ammonia in a safe way while ensuring consistent high product quality.

Upon receipt of the depleted cartridges, they initially undergo a quality control to ensure safe and efficient operation of the refill process. In the refill process cartridges are loaded into racks that are then inserted into individually controlled refill modules. Both temperature and pressure is carefully controlled allowing the solid AdAmmine™ material inside the cartridges to re-absorb ammonia. The refill process is highly automated which facilitates efficient and quality consistent production.

After refilling, the AdAmmine™ cartridges undergo a thorough quality control to ensure a consistent high level of quality.All cartridges are tracked by our traceability system, which allows us to identify the state and location of every single cartridge.

Container refill: Expanding footprint to minimize cost and transportation

Amminex is developing a transportable refill container production unit designed to meet local refill demand from ASDS™ systems and minimize cost related to logistics and transportation. The Refill Container is based on Amminex proprietary designs and has all support systems integrated.

The refill container is loaded with depleted cartridges via an overhead crane system and specially adapted racks. The racks are hooked up to the refill module, where gaseous ammonia is applied to the cartridges. The automated process control ensures stable and safe operation and all the necessary quality equipment needed for in- and outgoing control is included in the solution.

The container is designed for operating in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C and can be fed with ammonia from either mobile sources or a fixed storage tank. The capacity of the container can support a fleet of of 150,000 to 200,000 passenger cars or 1,000-2,000 commercial vehicles.

The Amminex Refill Container solution minimizes cost related to transportation and logistics

  • CE marked with built-in safety systems,specifically designed for outdoor operation.
  • Automated process control and integrated process monitoring system.
  • Product traceability system and integrated utilities supplies.
  • Prepared for multiple ammonia sources.