Amminex is working closely with a network of partners to ensure a stable supply of AdAmmine™ cartridges and local refill capability to the Asian, the European and the North American markets.

With Nyborg as the primary refill hub for the North European market, Amminex has made a partnership with DSV – Global Transport and Logistics. With DSV as our partner Amminex supports a significant part of the European market with AdAmmine™ cartridge refill services.

Together with our partners and suppliers Amminex is exploring ways to ensure stable supply of refilled AdAmmine™ cartridges – both in large cities (large fleets) and in remote areas (small fleets). Local refill facilities and introducing a retail-like distribution system to reach even remotely located users are in the planning phase.

To cover the future demand for refilled AdAmmine™ cartridges in the North American market Amminex Emissions Technology has entered into a partnership agreement with Airgas, which is a leading producer and distributor of industrial gasses in the US.