Overview of available ASDS™ systems

Amminex currently offers a range of standard ASDS™ configurations to customers that cover a wide range of applications and vehicle platforms. These configurations are built using our core components that consist of AdAmmine™ cartridges, Dosing Unit (DU), Controller and control software (ECU) and optionally the Start-up Unit (STU). These components are integrated into a system architecture that is designed to the specific vehicle application considering factors such as operation climate, engine size, desired range, price and performance.

The product portfolio ranges from the small one-cartridge system without a start-up unit that is designed especially for smaller buses and vans running in warmer climates, where a start-up unit is not necessary. It also includes the larger two-cartridge systems with start-up units that come in different geometric configurations (vertical and horizontal) to easily fit into the relevant vehicle, for instance replacing an existing urea tank.


Tailoring ASDS™ to your needs

Currently, the product portfolio represents standard systems that are especially suited for city-busses, garbage trucks and vans. The ASDS™ technology platform itself, however, enables easy scaling and a high degree of flexibility making it possible to create cost-effective solutions to suit a much broader range of applications. In this context, Amminex provides engineering services to help customers tailor systems to their specific needs. This can be modifications to the core components supplied by Amminex or participation in cooperation with third party suppliers of sub-components such as heating jackets, hoses, cables, mounting, etc.