Overview of available ASDS™ systems

Amminex offers a number of standard ASDS™ configurations to cover a wide range of applications and vehicle platforms. The configurations are built using our core components that consist of AdAmmine™ cartridges, Dosing Unit (DU), Controller and control software (ECU) and the Start-up Unit (STU). These components are integrated into a system architecture designed for the specific vehicle application considering factors such as operation climate, engine size, desired range, price and performance.


Tailoring ASDS™ to your needs

Currently, the product portfolio represents standard systems especially well-suited for city buses, trucks and refuse collection vehicles. The ASDS™ technology platform itself, however, enables easy scaling and a high degree of flexibility making it possible to create cost-effective solutions to suit a much broader range of applications. In this context, Amminex provides engineering services to help customers tailor systems to their specific needs.