The ASDSimTM (ASDS simulator) is a versatile software tool aimed at early development, where a final platform for ASDS may not be decided.

Its main purpose is to replace tedious and expensive experimentation for boundary scans and rapidly examine effects of operating conditions on e.g. power consumption, refilling strategy, system limits etc.

Furthermore, it can identify conditions under which the dosing strategy could fail, so these scenarios may be counter-acted and/or a suitable platform can be chosen.

It has been developed as a graphical user interface running above the core ASDS model.

The ASDSimTM is developed and maintained in-house by Amminex' R&D department. The tool simulates the physical and chemical behaviour of each of the cartridges and the resulting full dynamical response (pressure, temperature etc.) due to dosing and interaction with the environment (ambient temperature and flow).

How it works....

In essence, the model is fed with the NH3 demand of the vehicle along with current environmental conditions, i.e. driving cycle data.

This results in a dynamic response by changing the ammonia distribution through desorption and/or absorption, as well as salt temperature which may rise or fall locally due to heat transfer and ab- or desorption.

This in turn effects the system performance over time, exactly as in the experimental system.

At its core, the ASDSimTM is based on finite element models of both the Start-up Unit and two Main Units that comprise the ASDS.

These physical and chemical models are spatially distributed and highly accurate with typically validated maximum 10% error on the power consumption and start-up times, as well as pressure fluctuations, making the ASDSimTM a powerful tool for anyone doing advanced developments.