Meet the challenge of new RDE legislation with ASDS™

OEMs in the automotive industry are challenged by meeting existing NOx emission limits and with the prospect of even stricter RDE legislation in the coming years, pressure is increasing to adopt new and more effective NOx reduction technology.

ASDS™ is a cost-effective and simple, yet highly effective and user friendly NOx reduction solution. The system can be fitted on commercial vehicles such as buses, medium and light duty trucks including pick-up trucks as well as passenger diesel vehicles (cars and SUV) and non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). This allows OEM’s to prepare vehicles for future emissions regulation demands without making the practical reality of running a vehicle challenging or more costly for customers.


Amminex offers a range of standard ASDS™ configurations covering a wide range of applications and vehicle platforms. ASDS can be tailored to meet a specific vehicle application considering factors such as operation climate, engine size, desired range, price and performance.

Why ASDS™ is the right choice for OEM's

1 Why choose the second-best?

Using solid ammonia as opposed to liquid urea injection in the exhaust line unlocks the full potential of the SCR in the low temperature range enabling a superior NOx removal of up to 99% in all real driving conditions and climates with no added fuel consumption or CO2 footprint. It also extends the driving range significantly.

2 No hassle system integration and less complexity

ASDS™ is a robust solution with a simple exhaust interface that reduces complexity and saves space. Ammonia gas enters the exhaust line via a steel tube and the mixing length is short. The gas only leads to a low drop in pressure and there is no need for expensive air injector using compressed air.

3 Low maintenance keeps vehicles on the road

Compared to liquid systems, ASDS™ doesn’t not form deposits in the exhaust line since it relies on pure ammonia gas. This translates into virtually no maintenance which in turn means more vehicle up-time and less cost – both for OEM’s and customers. The ammonia gas by the way, is 100% safe and carried in aluminium cartridges that are tamper-proof.

4 User friendly cartridge swap with no spills

It takes almost no effort, no special skills and less than a minute to change cartridges containing AdAmmine™. Nothing can go wrong and there is no exposure to unpleasant liquids. Each cartridge can be refilled hundreds of times and is 100% recyclable and safe to transport. AdAmmine™ cartridges are classified by the UN as non-hazardous goods and be stored up to 10 years.


Tailoring ASDS™ to meet your specific needs

Increasingly stricter emission standards are driving OEM engineers to develop advanced exhaust after treatment systems capable of meeting future legislative limits. But meeting emission standards is not enough. Fitting user friendly systems on vehicles that take up minimal space on vehicles and are cost effective from an initial investment and ongoing cost perspective is equally important.

Amminex has the competences and integration expertise needed to tailor an ASDS™ solution that fulfills specific OEM needs. ASDS™ has already been launched as a retrofit solution on city buses with great results. In fact, data obtained from more than 15 million kilometers of real-driving in cities during the first year shows that it is extremely efficient at removing NOx and demands a minimum of maintenance making daily operations easy.

Amminex is developing and optimizing ASDS™ from a retrofit to a factory-fit solution for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars. A range of standard ASDS™ configurations will cover a wide range of applications and vehicle platforms. These configurations are built using our core components and we can design them to meet specific vehicle application considering factors such as operation climate, engine size, desired range, price and performance.

Family life with an ASDS™ diesel passenger car

How will the practical everyday life look like for a family with an ASDS™ diesel car? How and where will they change the cartridges containing the gaseous ammonia used to remove NOx? What about the driving range and how would the vehicle improve the air environment?

Watch this two-minute video to get the answers and a glimpse of what the future of clean diesel driving looks like!