AdAmmine™ - the solid ammonia material

AdAmmine™ is the solid material that makes ASDS™ the most effective system on the market for reducing NOx. Just as a sponge can absorb water, AdAmmine™ binds ammonia (NH3), and it can hold large quantities. AdAmmine™ is safe to handle, and can release its content of ammonia gradually if heated.

A block of AdAmmine™ holds ~450g ammonia per liter solid for use in the NOx conversion. We use strontium chloride (SrCl2) to bind the ammonia. When the material is manufactured and integrated into a cartridge, the product is easy to handle and is tamper- and fool-proof. The shelf-life is virtually unlimited - no expiration date. By using a quick connector the used cartridges can easily be exchanged for a full cartridge.

AdAmmine™ is a sustainable product – each cartridge can be refilled hundreds of times and is 100% recyclable. 



A 100-gram cube of the solid AdAmmine™ material can fit into the palm of one's hand yet contain up to 50 grams of solid ammonia. CTO Tue Johannessen (left) and former Head of R&D Ulrich Quaade (right), both played a key role in the invention of AdAmmine™, a key element of the Amminex technology platform.