The no-compromise technology to meet future NOx emission limits

ASDS™ is the ultimate emissions technology for OEM’s in the commercial vehicles segment seeking to deliver vehicles that are bullet-proof in terms of meeting legislative limits without compromises in vehicle operation or added costs for customers.

OEM’s in the commercial vehicles segment have been working for decades on optimizing vehicles to meet stricter emission standards. As EU regulation gradually has been tightened, new technology has been introduced including SCR systems. This has brought down emissions, but future regulation will be even demanding when it comes to in-service conformity with NOx and NO2 emission limits.

Amminex’ ASDS™ technology enables a more efficient utilization of the SCR, particularly in the low exhaust temperature range, and is capable of removing up to 99% NOx from the exhaust. The technology is particularly efficient in removing NO2, the most hazardous NOx gas, and requires minimum maintenance working in all real driving conditions including slow city traffic and cold climates.

As such, it represents a new industry benchmark compared to conventional technology.


In the commercial vehicles segment, Amminex offers a range of standard ASDS™ configurations that can be factory fitted by OEM’s on different vehicle platforms including LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) and buses. These configurations are built using our core components that consist of AdAmmine™ cartridges, Dosing Unit (DU), Controller and control software (ECU) and optionally the Start-up Unit (STU).


Proven, robust technology

Amminex originally launched ASDS™ by retrofitting it on hundreds of commercial vehicles of many different brands and model years in Europe and Asia, primarily city buses  operating in urban environments. This has successfully changed vehicle emission standards from Euro III, IV and EEV to become Euro V and Euro VI. Meanwhile, it has proven the solid daily operational reliability of the technology and created evidence that it represents a simple, fast and cost-effective way to solve the issue of NOx.

OEM’s can obtain exactly the same advantages by fitting the technology on new commercial vehicles. Implementing the technology requires limited changes on existing or planned vehicle models. Due to superior NOx performance and fewer maintenance requirements, investing in ASDS™ translates into less liability risk as well as concrete customer advantages.

ASDS is a smarter technology alternative that provides OEM's a number of very tangible benefits when compared to conventional liquid urea (AdBlue) injection in the exhaust line.

Key ASDS™ benefits for commercial vehicle OEM’s:

  • Superior NOx removal performance and ultra-low NO2 emissions with no extra fuel consumption or CO2 footprint in real-driving including city traffic and cold climates
  • Improved system reliability due to the elimination of deposit and crystallization problems experienced with liquid systems resulting in reduced service and maintenance costs and fewer warranty claims for OEM’s – particularly in low temperature applications
  • Customer friendly solution with easy cartridge exchange, longer driving range and virtually no maintenance translating into less hassle and lower operational cost
  • Reduced complexity with simple emissions system and no need for expensive compressed air injector system