Copenhagen buses have removed 500 tonnes of NOx pollution


Movia's buses from the air package project have removed 500 tonnes of NOx pollution from Copenhagen air. Movia, and the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have thus reached an important milestone in reducing pollution from buses and helping to make the air in the capital cleaner.

As part of the air package project, 300 of the oldest buses in Copenhagen were upgraded with new exhaust exhaust aftertreatment systems in 2015/2016. The systems remove more than 90 per cent of NOx and particulate pollutants from the buses, and work far better than previous solutions - especially in urban traffic. The project has now reached an important milestone by removing 500 tonnes of NOx pollution. The buses have driven more than 44 million kilometers since the installation, thereby contributing significantly to reducing air pollution in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

The NOx-reducing ASDS system is developed by Amminex. The solution has built-in sensors that measure engine-out NOx levels as well as NOx levels in the exhaust pipe. Data is sent continuously to a server, so it is possible to say exactly how much NOx the solution has removed from the buses.

"Movia's goal is to reduce NOx emissions from buses by 97 per cent by 2030. It is an ambitious goal. We are therefore very pleased to see that the air package project has already reached an important milestone," says Movia's Director of planning, Per Gellert.

"We are proud that our solution convincingly has demonstrated that pollution from diesel buses can be effectively removed - even in city traffic. It is ha huge benefit for both bus operators and citizens," says Lars Tinggaard Johannesen, Retrofit Product Line Manager from Amminex.

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Movia has implemented the air package project together with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, the project has proven an important technological landmark upgrading the buses to the highest environmental standard. Combined with the development of new propellants and new technology, Movia's climate impact has improved year by year.

Movia works with municipalities and regions in Zealand to ensure greener public transport. The goal is for bus operation in the region to be fossil free in 2030, while NOx and particulate emissions will be reduced by 97 and 92 percent, respectively.

You can check live NOx data from the buses in Copenhagen by downloading the free NOxTracker™ app from App Store or Google Play.

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