Clean air kit below the boot will benefit OEMs, car owners and city legislators


Cities across Europe are considering ultra low emission zones to get clean air. An Amminex retrofit kit can upgrade Euro 5 cars to the required Euro 6 norm and maintain the market value of the car.


Please note: The following text describes is based on our prototype for retrofitting passenger cars. We do not have a solution on the market.


Paris, London, Madrid, Athens and recently also Stuttgart.

The list of European cities taking action on local emissions keeps on growing.

The reason? Toxic NOx emissions from congested traffic are causing health problems and increase health care costs for the people living in the cities, and one of the effective solutions is turning city centres into Low Emission Zones or even Ultra Low Emission Zones.

But barring millions of people from using their cars is obviously problematic, and replacing them with new cars before intended end-of-life would be a big environmental mistake. So instead of banning the relatively new Euro 5 cars, Amminex has developed a retrofit solution to make them comply with the strict Euro 6 norm required in the Low Emission Zones. Since Euro 5 cars already have particulate filters, only the NOx emissions need a cure.

Breathing new life into older cars
“Basically, we can breathe new life into older cars. By installing the Amminex ASDS technology along with a new SCR catalyst, the NOx emissions will drop considerably to below the strictest certification levels. The clean diesel cars with ASDS will then be free to drive in restricted city zones,” Retrofit Product Line Manager Kåre Neergaard from Amminex explains.

Kåre Neergaard assesses that quite a few cities in Europe will introduce restrictions on older diesel vehicles, either in the form of banning entrance on days with high air pollution or by imposing a charge according to the pollution levels of the vehicle. This means that a lot of car owners will be affected.

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“The market will be considerable. In Germany alone, there are 5.4 million Euro 5 diesel cars driving the streets. Once the restrictions are in effect, the residual value of the Euro 5 car fleet will drop, unless we upgrade the exhaust aftertreatment,” Kåre Neergaard says.

Amminex has proved in several tests that the proposed retrofit kit effectively can reduce NOx emissions on Euro 5 cars to comply with  Euro 6 regulations.

The retrofit kit will have two 4.2 liter cartridges with solid ammonia, equivalent to 16 liters of AdBlue. The driving range will be around 15,000 km before the cartridges need to be exchanged – a two-minute operation done in connection with the regular service of the car.

The logistics of the retrofit work and the cartridge exchange will be handled through authorized workshops.

It all fits into the spare wheel well of the car, which makes for a simple and speedy installation. For some cars, there is even room for a third cartridge extending the driving autonomy to 21,000 km if need be.