Conservative candidate wants clean trucks and taxis in Copenhagen


Jakob Næsager, the conservative group leader in Copenhagen, would like to see clean air technology incorporated in the town’s public tenders. Taxis and trucks from the Metro construction work would be obvious targets for installing Amminex technology

Three iPads in the hallway are greeting visitors to the Amminex headquarters in Copenhagen. They are displaying the current NOx reduction performance from Amminex technology on the road, and usually they are great attention-grabbers:

“Wow. This is very convincing and really good news. I must say I’m impressed.”

The reaction from the conservative group leader in Copenhagen, Jakob Næsager, is typical. He is visiting Amminex to get inspiration on how the capital of Denmark can lead the way in green growth, and to him, the 95.1 percent NOx reduction average from the buses in Copenhagen is great news.

“At the town hall, the general sentiment of my fellow politicians is ‘renewable/electric or nothing at all.’ I think it is very interesting to see how new technology actually can make diesel clean at a fraction of the cost of going all-electric,” Jakob Næsager says.

“In fact, 30-35 buses could have the Amminex technology installed for the price of just one electric bus,” Annika Isaksson, CEO of Amminex, explains. “And buying an electric bus would not cure the NOx from the replaced diesel bus - unless it is at the end of its lifetime. A bus typically lives 15 years, and if it is moved to the countryside instead, it will keep polluting there,” she elaborates

Taxis and construction trucks need to be clean too
Jakob Næsager also points out that a lot of diesel-driven taxis are filling the streets of central Copenhagen, and that he would like to see their contribution to NOx pollution reduced.

“Now that I know these incredible NOx reduction levels are possible, it would be great if we could demand a corresponding cleaning level in the upcoming taxi tender,” Jakob Næsager says and promises to investigate the possibility of a small-scale demo fleet of 50 cabs.

He also has his eye on the ever-moving convoy of trucks transporting dirt from the metro construction sites to the dump at Nordhavn harbour, where the gravel is transformed into new land.

“Large-scale infrastructure projects should lead the way. I think it would be relevant to have specific NOx emissions targets written into the tender,” Jakob Næsager says.