Ultra-low NOx and NO2 emissions in real world driving

Better fuel economy – reduced CO2 footprint

ASDS™ - Closing the gap

Clean diesel in real urban driving conditions - powered by AdAmmine™

Easy to make a change – it only takes a minute

Sustainable AdAmmine™: 10 kg NOx removed with each cartridge

Live data since ASDS™ market launch: 


Get clean air and your money back 6 times: Huge health savings by retrofitting ASDS in cities


According to UK government data, every Euro spent on retrofitting NOx-reducing technology on diesel vehicles in cities will save 2,6 Euros on hospital bills. And with ASDS, the health savings can be worth 6 times the investment.

Clean air kit below the boot will benefit OEMs, car owners and city legislators


Cities across Europe are considering ultra low emission zones to get clean air. An Amminex retrofit kit can upgrade Euro 5 cars to the required Euro 6 norm and maintain the market value of the car.

Making diesel-electric hybrids ultra-green


With ASDS installed on a hybrid vehicle, instant NOx reduction is guaranteed when switching from electric to diesel mode. Adding ASDS to a hybrid vehicle will make for an ultra-green solution

Amminex chosen to clean London’s toxic air


New clean diesel technology from Amminex will play a key role in solving the London air quality crisis by lowering the NOx emissions from buses. The ASDS technology will not only bring the vehicles up to Euro VI emission standard, but remove NOx under real-world driving conditions.

The story behind Amminex

NOxTracker™ LIVE


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See live NOx emissions and system performance on the road

All ASDS equipped vehicles are logging their NOx reduction performance in real-time to an online database, giving fleet operators, authorities and Amminex access to valuable data. You can see how the ASDS fleet in your city is performing by downloading the NOxTracker LIVE app from AppStore or Google Play. Live Data from Copenhagen is shown on the right.


The environmental challenge

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