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Sustainable AdAmmine™: 10 kg NOx removed with each cartridge

Live data since ASDS™ market launch: 


Conservative candidate wants clean trucks and taxis in Copenhagen


Jakob Næsager, the conservative group leader in Copenhagen, would like to see clean air technology incorporated in the town’s public tenders. Taxis and trucks from the Metro construction work would be obvious targets for installing Amminex technology

Lord Mayor candidate visits Amminex to investigate green growth potential


Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, running for Lord Mayor of Copenhagen for the Danish Liberal Party, is impressed with the NOx reducing potential from Amminex technology and open for exploring possible retrofit campaigns to clean the air of the Danish capital.

Making red double-deckers green: 55 London buses upgraded to ASDS technology


London bus operator Metroline has upgraded 55 buses to state of the art NOx reducing technology. Independent test reveals how much just changing the reagent to the SCR catalyst means for the environment.

Live NOxTracker expands coverage


The online NOxTracker from Amminex is now showing live data from two major retrofit projects. The database serves as a planning and reporting tool for the customer and provides complete transparency of a new generation of clean diesel.

The story behind Amminex

NOxTracker™ LIVE


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Amminex provides a 'live' datastream of actual NOx emissions as they happen on the road

As part of the market launch of ASDS™, vehicles have been equipped with technology that sends real-time data on actual NOx emissions to both bus operators, relevant authorities and Amminex. Anyone can access this information via NOxTracker™ LIVE, a smartphone app which is available to download from mobile platforms such as AppStore and Google Play.


The environmental challenge

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