We all want the same thing; a clean world. The question is how do we accomplish this without sacrificing the modern life style? Transportation is a necessity for today´s efficient society and we believe that diesel engines will continue to play a key role in the transport of people and goods in the future. However, we also recognize that diesel engines today are a major contributor to problems with air quality in urban environments.

In Amminex, we believe the solution lies in the introduction of clean diesel: A new generation of diesel made up of fuel efficient engines, clean fuels and effective emissions technology. Viewed in combination these elements can ensure that advanced diesel engines will continue to play an important role while helping meet both greenhouse gas and clean air objectives around the world.

One of the primary reasons why diesel vehicles are popular is because they consume 20-25% less fuel than equivalent petrol cars and emit approximately 15% less CO2. This is why diesel is important in meeting EU’s 2021 CO₂ fleet average for example. But diesel engines are also relevant for many other reasons. For instance they are suited for use in heavier commercial or long-haul commercial vehicles, which is why they remain the best option for trucks and vans that need high power for load-carrying and towing.

Over the last 15 years technical innovation has helped achieve progressively lower vehicle emissions. NOx emissions, nevertheless still are unsatisfactory, especially in urban environments.

Amminex offers the car and commercial vehicle industry a next generation technology platform that virtually eliminates toxic NOx emissions from diesel engines without sacrificing the fuel economy. Our technology is easy to implement, it can be applied to diesel cars and commercial vehicles , and it works under all driving and climate conditions. As a consequence, air quality can be improved, and millions of people can avoid NOx-related health problems such as serious lung and heart diseases. This will benefit society by reducing health costs. In fact, curing the problem of air pollution is far cheaper than the health costs of not curing it.

Our vision is therefore clear: Clean diesel is possible today. Let’s work together to ensure clean diesel remains one of the key pillars in the portfolio of low CO₂ technologies for delivering clean, economical and affordable transport for future generations.