CINEMA – Alliance for Imaging and Modelling of Energy Applications

CINEMA is a 5 year project (2014-2018) founded by Innovationsfonden (The Strategic Research Council), with participants from academia and industry, including Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen University (KU), Manchester University, Haldor Topsøe A/S, Amminex Emissions Technology A/S, LM Wind Power A/S, Xnovo Technology ApS and MAX IV.

This research alliance was formed to develop unique 3D techniques to investigate and follow changes in the complex microstructures of energetic materials under realistic conditions in real time. The goal is to find correlations between changes in the microstructures and performance of the materials, and as a result to optimize properties of the materials, so longer lifetime, higher efficiency and lower cost could be achieved.

The target for Amminex Emissions Technology A/S is to get an even better fundamental understanding of the AdAmmine materials to improve ammonia capacity, release and uptake characteristics and endurance.

Budget: CINEMA has a total budget of 45 million DKK including a grant from the Innovationsfonden of 23 million DKK.

Cinema - Alliance for Imaging and Modelling of Energy Applications      Innovationsfonden