Corporate Social Responsibility

Amminex Emissions Technology has a strong commitment to CSR and sustainability. We are guided by a vision containing a strong transformational purpose: We help our customers virtually eliminate NOx emissions from diesel engines using state-of-the-art emissions technology that decreases fuel consumption and the CO2 footprint of vehicles.

In the process of doing so we improve air quality in urban environments all over the world to the benefit of our customer’s business and the communities in which they operate. In this way, we believe our business goes hand-in-hand with social responsibility including environmental protection and the countering of climate change. 

Our vision is to continue expanding our business with innovative emissions solutions, and how we do this matters to us. In order to maintain and develop our position and good reputation we are determined to develop sustainable products and solutions and produce them in a zero waste manner. At our production plant in Nyborg, our ambition therefore is to create a closed loop where raw materials, ammonia and a minimum amount of energy is entering in to the product life cycle and the only thing exiting the cycle is the ammonia used in the NOx emission elimination on the vehicle.

Examples of this effort include:

  • All cartridges used on-board vehicles to reduce NOx are refilled a minimum of 100 times.
  • At end of life the metal in the cartridge is separated and recycled, and any remaining AdAmmine solid material inside the cartridges can be re-used to make fresh strontium chloride for new cartridges.
  • Any excess ammonia captured from the production in our plant is bound into ammonium sulfate to be used as a fertilizer
  • Use of external energy is kept to a minimum by implementing a high degree of energy conservation in our production and refill process by utilizing the natural chemical energy balance of our product.
  • The Danish Working Environment Authority controls our safety organization, documents, laboratory, cleaning and chemical handling. We have passed all recent unannounced audits carried out at our Søborg headquarters and production plant with ‘smileys’ - the symbol used by the Danish authorites to signal that everything is in good order.